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Derzhavin State University celebrates its 101st anniversary

November 29, 2019



Derzhavin State University celebrates its 101st anniversary.  In November 1918, by decree of the Council of People's Commissars in Tambov, the first higher educational institution was established - the Tambov University, in the structure of which there were two faculties: agronomic and pedagogical. TSU has established a tradition and set the bar for higher education in the region.

- I sincerely congratulate everyonewith the 101st anniversary of the founding of Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin. Not a jubilee date, but also significant: the first step in a new century, - said the TSU rector Vladimir Stromov. - We are proud of our history and confidently say that today TSU is a dynamically developing university that is guided by very simple, understandable, but very important values: leadership, openness, honesty, thrift, respect for the individual. And in the center of it all stood, stands and will stand a man, each of you. The man of the university is his core, foundation, everything. I want to express my gratitude to everyone, regardless of position, function that a person performs in a university. I wish the university prosperity, and we all - good health!

At the ceremonial meeting of the Academic Council, people who contributed to the development of the university and higher education were honored. Igor Sharshov, Head of the Department of Fundamental and Applied Science of TSU, was awarded the title “Honorary Worker of the Russian Federation Education Sector”. The diploma of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation was awarded to: Professor of the Department of Theory and History of State and Law Olga Belyanskaya, Head of the Planning and Financial Department Irina Ivinskaya, Professor of the Department of Pre-University Training Leonid Karyev, Professor of the Department of Biology and Biotechnology Georgy Lada, Assistant Rector Vladimir Pozdnyakov, Deputy Rector Dmitry Seltser, Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Journalism Sergei Khudyakov.

The head of the department of political economy and modern business processes Vladimir Mamontov and the deputy director for research at the Institute of Economics, Management and Service, the head of the department of finance and banking, Yana Radyukova were awarded the All-Russian public organization “Free Economic Society of Russia”. The vice governor of the Tambov region Sergey Yukhachev handed them over and congratulated the university on its anniversary.

Although I am not a graduate of TSU, I have been a member of the university’s friendly staff since 1997, I have been working here for many years,” - said Sergey Yukhachev. - A great holiday today! I want to say many thanks to the faculties, which strengthens and conveys university traditions.

Representatives of foreign delegations from Northern Macedonia and Serbia took part in the celebration of the 101st anniversary. TSU Rector Vladimir Stromov handed gratitude letters to Derzhavin University Chairman of the Board of the International Slavic University Gavrilo Romanovich Derzhavin (Northern Macedonia) Yordan Gorchev; General Director of the International Slavic University “Gavrilo Romanovich Derzhavin” (Northern Macedonia) Borce Serafimovsky; the General Secretary of the Serbian Royal Academy of Innovation Sciences (Serbia) Velibor Stevic, professor of the University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in Siedlce (Republic of Poland) Jacek Zelensky.

For the university’s birthday, the Derzhavins prepared a creative program. Live music was played on the piano and violin. The guests were shown bright choreographic rooms. Future designers staged a show of “revived” paintings, and chemists demonstrated experiments. At the end of the holiday, a cake prepared for the 101st anniversary of TSU was brought to the stage.