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Derzhavin University is the participant of the "Priority 2030" program

September 27, 2021



The Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov announced the list of universities selected to participate in the "Priority 2030" program. Derzhavin University is the only university in Tambov region that passed the competitive selection by the commission of the Ministry of Science and High Education of the Russian Federation. The total number of universities from 46 regions of Russia has been selected by the Commission out of 187 applications to the "Priority 2030" program. These institutions will get the basic part of the grant in the amount of 100 million rubles.

- The most painstaking decisions were made for each university. We did not assess their current achievements or their reputation and academic achievements. We evaluated the program, its feasibility, the rector and the team, and of course, we correlated it with the national development goals of our country and the regional agenda. The list of 106 universities is not a choice of the Ministry, the decision was made by a balanced committee, - said Valery Falkov.

The program of development of the Derzhavin University, presented for consideration by the Commission, defines a vector of the University development for the next ten years: strategic priorities in the sphere of education, scientific and research activity, personnel policy, development of innovations and collaboration with the business community.

- The program of development of the Derzhavin University assumes realization of three strategic projects. The first project stipulates development and introduction of new microbiological preparations into the agricultural market, it is aimed at solving problems of soil degradation and food safety. The second project involves the development and market launch of new products and technologies in construction and special chemistry, which will solve the problem of import substitution in the industry. And the third project - social-educational - is aimed at solving the problem of the outflow of young people from the region, - commented the rector of Derzhavin University Vladimir Stromov. - The program of the university development is fully integrated with the regional development strategy. On the basis of the Tambov region there will be formed new stable value chains, which will contribute to the economic growth of the region. And socially significant initiatives of the university will allow to overcome the negative balance of youth migration and provide training for the social sphere.

  "Priority 2030" is the largest program of state support for Russian universities in the history of Russia, launched during the Year of Science and Technology. It will allow to form a wide group of universities, which will become leaders in creation of new scientific knowledge, technologies and developments for implementation in the Russian economy and social sphere.