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Rector Pavel Moiseev congratulates on Knowledge day

September 5, 2023



Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome you in the very close family of Derzhavin Tambov State University! On behalf of our big university community of professors and students I congratulate you on entering specialties that you chose to acquire your future profession. 

You came from the very different countries of the world located on four continents. You have travelled thousands of kilometers in order to meet here, in the very heart of the Central Russia. But these distances are just the beginning of a long road to the heights of education. This is a worrying and difficult path but when you cope with it you will improve yourselves and start to build your own career. Your lecturers are the true professionals of their craft who will introduce you with forefronts of modern science,  teach you to think better and broaden your horizons. I wish you to be delighted with everyday discoveries throughout all your upcoming years of study!

You entered the university that is actively promoting its international activity. More than three thousand foreign students from almost seventy countries are studying in the Derzhavinskiy. Like everywhere in Russia we are happy to host people from variuos countries and of different cultures, to know each other, to share our knowledge and experience. I wish you to find new friends on the hospitable Tambov land.

The principles of our university are leadership, openness, bona fides, prudence and respect for the individual. They set the directions we are going to develop and thus expand opportunities for our students. We are the only university in the Tambov Oblast that is participating in «Priority 2030» governmental program. Quite recently the simulation center for practical training of medical students has been opened. The Derzhavinskiy Tech Park has been established, and a large-scale reequipment of laboratories and scientific centers is going on now. We are developing a digital departments project that helps students acquire an additional specialty in IT.

The Derzhavin University works for its students to develop in all directions. The university has a perfect infrastructure for engagement in sports, there is a sports club. Our foreign students regularly visit cultural events within the university, in Tambov and the Tambov Oblast, and even in other cities. I also highly recommend you to travel across Russia. It will open our big country to you from the very unexpected sides and give you a unique experience you will remember forever.

Never tired of saying: the student years are one of the best and happiest years of life. Thank you for choosing the Derzavin University to pave your personal way to the world of knowledge. Let walk this way together!


Rector of the Derzavin University,

Pavel Moiseev