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Students of Derzhavin University took part in the International Youth Forum in Abkhazia

November 1, 2022



An International Youth Forum "Creating the Future together" was held in the Republic of Abkhazia. The Forum was attended by representatives of Derzhavin University, as well as students from Abkhazia, the Donetsk People's Republic, the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, St. Petersburg, South Ossetia, Turkey, Syria and Jordan.

– I think that this International Forum will contribute to deepening mutual understanding among young people, strengthening partnerships in the field of education and sports. It is the youth who will build the future of our countries, and we must give them the opportunity to develop and exchange experience, – says the chairman of the State Committee of the Republic of Abkhazia for Youth and Sports Dzhemal Rezovich Gubaza.

During the Forum, participants exchanged experiences in the field of volunteering, team building, media and self-government. Derzhavin University students held master classes on sanitary and preventive education and first aid training. The university staff shared Derzhavin University's experience in the field of patriotic education and preservation of historical memory among compatriots living abroad and young people of Serbia, Abkhazia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other countries.

– Partnership relations of Derzhavin University with educational, cultural institutions, youth organizations of the Republic of Abkhazia have been actively developing over the past two years, – says Irina Bezukladova, Director of the Department of International Relations of Derzhavin University. – The participation of the university team in the forum is another step in strengthening cooperation between Derzhavin University and the relevant ministries of the Republic of Abkhazia and educational organizations of Sukhum.

In addition, a contest of social projects was held at the forum "Creating the Future Together". The winner was the team "Ajinjuh", whose participant was student of Derzhavin University Dmitry Harin. The guys received a grant from the State Committee of the Republic of Abkhazia for Youth and Sports in the amount of 300 thousand rubles for the implementation of the project "World of Equal Opportunities". Its goal is to provide children from different regions of Abkhazia with the opportunity to learn relevant skills that are in demand in the modern world.