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TSU Rector Vladimir Stromov congratulates on Victory Day

May 9, 2021



Dear colleagues, friends!

This year we are celebrating the 76th anniversary of the Great Victory over Fascism.Every year the bright May Day of 1945 is becoming farther and farther away from us, but the memory of this event, which became a symbol of the great exploits of millions of people, will never fade.

We will never forget the heroism of Soviet soldiers who defended freedom, honour and well-being on Earth.

The 9th of May is a holy date in the life of every one of us. It is a day of immense joy and pride for the exploits of a generation of true heroes who, sparing no lives, not only defended their homeland, but also liberated Europe from fascism. We shall forever carry in our hearts the memory of their courage, fidelity to duty and love for their homeland.

On this holiday I would like first of all to wish peace. Nothing in the world is worth more than human life. No political aims and ambitions are worth the human destinies and tears of children and mothers. May this victory inspire only good deeds, the preservation of peace, and love for the Motherland. May no one ever know what war is.

May there always be a peaceful sky over our heads, and may every day bring only happiness, joy, cheerful smiles, and the resounding laughter of children. May our hearts be filled with pride for the exploits of the war heroes who defended and liberated our land from fascism!

Please accept my warmest, most sincere and heartfelt congratulations on the 76th anniversary of the Great Victory!

May this glorious day give you strength and vigor for constructive work for the benefit of peace and friendship between peoples!