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TSU students became finalists of the All-Russian competition in medicine

April 15, 2021



Students of TSU Medical Institute became finalists of all-Russian profile competitions - Oncological quest "Sechenov Сancertquest" and case-championship "Avangard".

26 teams from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Omsk, Tyumen, Kursk participated  in the qualifying round of oncological quest. The Derzhavin team entered the top ten.

The team of Tambov State University "T-killers" was represented by students of 5-6th years of Medical Institute.

- The qualifying round was held online. The jury was very authoritative. There were oncologists, surgeons, chemotherapists and radiotherapists, - says the captain of our team Elena Timofeeva. - Each group was asked five questions of surgical and therapeutic profile. We were invited to the final at Sechenov University. The jury also singled out the name of the team and awarded us the audience award. We are preparing for the finals with the help of oncology textbooks and clinical guidelines. We watch records of congresses, read scientific articles. Sometimes it seems that even that is not enough.

Tambov State University was represented by the "Winged Medics" team at the All-Russian Case Championship "Avangrad". This is a competition in case solving, which aims to popularize engineering and medical education. More than three hundred students from 40 Russian universities took part in the first stage.

- We decided to take part in the championship to gain new experience and knowledge, - says the captain of TSU team, a 6th year student of "General Medicine" Alena Sokolova. - We are already preparing for the final - we are studying additional literature and recommendations of the Russian Society of Clinical Oncology, cooperating with lecturers, in order to avoid mistakes and represent our Medical Institute worthily.