Tambov Student Universe


Scientific directions of Derzhavin University


Library Science

  • Problems of increasing the efficiency of library and bibliographic activities: regional aspects

Contact person: Professor L.A. Pronina

E-mail: bir.tsu@yandex.ru


Biological sciences

  • Ecological, floristic and faunal studies of the territory of the Russian Plain

Contact person: Professor A.G. Lada

E-mail: esculenta@mail.ru


Geographical sciences

  • Strategic studies of socio-economic and natural resource dynamics of the region

Contact person: Professor S.V. Pankov

E-mail: psv69tmb@mail.ru


Art history

  • Development and preservation of Russian national traditions in the field of design in the context of globalization

Contact person: Associate Professor M.V. Nikolsky

E-mail: timnik2004@rambler.ru


Historical sciences

  • Socio - natural history of the Russian province in the XVII - XX centuries .

Contact person: Professor V.V. Kanishchev

E-mail: valcan@mail.ru


  • Man in History: cultural and anthropological aspects of the evolution of society and the state

Contact person: Associate Professor V.V. Mironov

E-mail: mironov.vladimir@hotmail.com


Mathematical sciences

  • Functional differential inclusions and equations

Contact person: Professor E.S. Zhukovsky

E-mail: zh-imfi@tsu.tmb.ru

  • Harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces

Contact person: Professor V.F. Molchanov

E-mail: v.molchanov@bk.ru


Medical sciences

  • Development and application of methods for assessing the physical development and nutrition of a healthy and sick person

Contact person: Professor V.B. Maksimenko

E-mail: maksivb@mail.ru


  • Comprehensive medical, social and pedagogical studies of regional health problems of the population

Contact person: Professor S.N. Simonov

E-mail: simonovsn@mail.ru


Pedagogical sciences

  • Problems of development of professionalism of subjects of the educational process in the system of continuing education

Contact person: Professor L.N. Makarova

E-mail: mako20@inbox.ru


  • Formation and development of the Institute of Social Educators and social workers of Russia (forms and methods of socio-pedagogical work in various societies; training of personnel for the social sphere)

Contact person: Professor R.M. Kulichenko

E-mail: raisa_kulichenko@mail.ru


  • Informatization of educational systems

Contact person: Professor M.S. Chvanova

E-mail: ms12008@rambler.ru


  • Problems of linguodidactic, literary and methodological training of teachers for teaching preschool and junior schoolchildren language, reading and literature

Contact person: Professor G.M. Pervova

E-mail: gmp47@yandex.ru


  • Theory of teaching foreign languages and cultures based on information and communication technologies

Contact person: Professor P.V. Sysoev

E-mail: psysoyev@yandex.ru


  • Theory, methodology and organization of socio-cultural activities

Contact person: Professor E.I. Grigorieva

E-mail: skd68@mail.ru


Political sciences

  • US Foreign Policy Thought: History and Modernity

Contact person: Professor V.V. Romanov

E-mail: vvromanov@mail.ru


  • Administrative and political elites of the modern transforming world

Contact person: Professor D.G. Seltzer

E-mail: selcer@tsutmb.ru


Psychological sciences

  • Psychology of the subject in a changing world

Contact person: Professor E.A. Uvarov

E-mail: uvarovea@yandex.ru


  • Spirituality of the individual and society

Contact person: Professor N.A.Koval

E-mail: kafspsy@mail.ru


Sociological sciences

  • The demands of modern regional civil society in the field of culture and education

Contact person: Professor I.V. Naletova

E-mail: post@tsutmb.ru  naletova.ir@yandex.ru



  • Nanostructures and nanotechnology

Contact person: Professor Yu.I. Golovin

E-mail: yugolovin@yandex.ru


  • Micromechanisms of plasticity, destruction and related phenomena

Contact person: Professor V.A.Fedorov

E-mail: fedorov-tsu.tmb@inbox.ru


  • Nonlinear effects in physical materials science

Contact person: Ph.D., Professor A.A. Shibkov

E-mail: Shibkov@tsu.tmb.ru


Philological sciences

  • Research of Russian literature in the national historical and cultural context

Contact person: Professor L.V. Polyakova



  • Foreign literature in the context of culture

Contact person: Professor N.L. Potanina

E-mail: tatulia_tmb@mail.ru


  • Ecology of language and speech

Contact person: Professor A.L. Sharandin

E-mail: sharandin@list.ru


  • Functioning of regional mass media: problems and ways to solve them

Contact person: Professor A.I. Ivanov

E-mail: ivanov_ai@bk.ru


  • Problems of regional onomastics

Contact person: Professor A.S. Shcherbak

E-mail: ant_scherbak@mail.ru


  • Modern Russian dialects in the system of language culture

Contact person: Doctor of Philology, Professor S.V. Piskunova


  • Philological Regionalism

Contact person: Professor N.Y. Zheltova

E-mail: nata_zheltova@mail.ru


  • Cognitive linguistics. Interaction of mental and linguistic structures

Contact person: Professor N.N. Boldyrev

E-mail: snocki@tsutmb.ru


Philosophical sciences

  • Philosophical traditions and modernity

Contact person: Professor N.V. Medvedev

E-mail: mnv88@mail.ru


Chemical Sciences

  • Solving the problems of rational use of natural resources in corrosion-electrochemical studies of the protection of material resources and the environment

Contact person: Professor L.E. Tsygankova

E-mail: cygankova@tsutmb.ruvits21@mail.ru


Economic Sciences

  • Economic security of economic entities in conditions of increasing globalization processes

Contact person: Professor V.V. Smagina

E-mail: sc-secretary@tsutmb.ru


Legal sciences

  • Problems of formation and development of the new Russian statehood and the new Russian law

Contact person: Professor V.V. Trofimov

E-mail: iptgutv@mail.ru