Tambov Student Universe



Living Conditions in Student Hostels

Number of hostels – 7

The hostels are within walking distance to shops, shopping centers and medical facilities

Living conditions

All foreign students are provided with a place in one of the modern comfortable hostels. Furnished rooms are designed for 2-3 people. On each floor there are specially equipped kitchens. In each hostel there is a laundry room, a psychological support room and a study room.

Students who wish to live outside the campus can rent affordable housing in Tambov.


Documents for dormitory check-in

  1. 1 photo (for pass)

  2. fluorography (if you haven’t passed the fluorographic examination, do this within 3 days) 

  3. accommodation referral from the Center for Migration and Visa Control

Step-by-step instruction for dormitory check-in

  1. Submit your passport, migration card and 6 photos, required for the migration registration, to the Center for Migration and Visa Control

  2. Take an accommodation referral from the Migration and Visa Control Center 

  3. Get the keys to the room and bedding from the manager of the hostel.

When leaving the hostel, the student must return these things!

The cost of living in a hostel

1100 rubles per month - for students studying on a fee-paying basis

550 rubles per month - for students enrolled within the quotas of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation


How to pay for accommodation

At the cash desk of the hostel

Hostel Rules and Regulations



Hostel 1

181 Sovetskaya Str.

manager – Yuri Petrovich ISTOMIN

Tel.: +7 4752 53-22-62


Hostel 2

190 G Sovetskaya Str.

manager – Marina Nikolaevna FILATOVA

Tel.: +7 4752  45-13-10


Hostel 3

3 B Moskovskaya Str.

manager – Elena Alekseevna IVANOVA

Tel.: +7 4752 72-15-09


Hostel 4

5 Krasnoarmeyskaya Str.

manager –Elena Viktorovna TITOVA

Tel.: +7 4752 71-34-71


Hostel 6

52 Ryleeva Str.

manager – Galina Yurievna MYAGCHENKO

Tel.: +7 4752 53-12-19


Hostel 7

6 A Morshanskoye Shosse

manager – Natalia Mikhailovna AKULOVA

Tel.: +7 4752 45-12-81


Hostel 8

23 V Moskovskaya Str.

manager – Karyna Andreevna KAZARINA

Tel.: +7 4752 71-07-32