Derzhavin Tambov State University

Life in Tambov

Tambov is located in the heart of Russia on the banks of the Tsna River. It is the administrative center of the Tambov region. The history of Tambov is closely connected with the names of great figures, whose ideas influenced the development of Russia. Among them are the poet and statesman G.R. Derzhavin, natural scientist V.I. Vernadsky, biologist and breeder I.V. Michurin, philosopher, historian and diplomat B.N. Chicherin, composers S.V. Rachmaninoff, I.A. Shatrov, V.I. Agapkin.

Every year Tambov is visited by more and more tourists. What attracts guests to our land? Perhaps unique objects of culture: the historical and cultural museum complex "Aseev Manor", which is a branch of the Peterhof State Museum Reserve, the Tambov Regional Museum of Local Lore, the Tambov Art Gallery, the Regional Library named after A.S. Pushkin.

A number of picturesque places suitable for outdoor recreation activities also attract a lot of guests. Among such places there is City Recreation Park on Tsna embankment, Druzhba Park, Victory Park, where you can see samples of military equipment of World War II. Tambov region is an ecologically clean region. Our region is ranked first in the All-Russian ecological rating of the public organization “Green Patrol”.

Tambov region is famous not only for its sights, but also for its achievements. Our region is one of the leaders in the field of agriculture. According to the Tambovstat report for 2017, the growth rate of industry in the Tambov region is 10 times ahead of the average Russian figures. In the national rating of the state of the investment climate in the regions of the Russian Federation Tambov region ranks 11th. To promote youth entrepreneurship the regional contest "Young Entrepreneur of Russia" is held.

The geographical position of Tambov has a lot of advantages: railways and highways connect our city with a huge number of large and developed regions of the country. Tambov region is open to visitors from all over the world. Welcome to Tambov!