Tambov Student Universe



Saidi Mohammed Reda,

Student's life with Derzhavin Tambov State University is complete and colorful. Throughout academic year, I benefit from a professional teaching experience in every sphere of my specialty. This helps me assimilate a considerable amount of new and in-depth information. Furthermore the practical courses I attend enlighten me about the details of my future profession. I enjoy literally every day that in spend both in the university when I have classes and in Tambov on holidays, here I get the chance to do all kinds of activities including skiing, running and cycling. The citizens of Tambov are really friendly, generous and welcoming that makes me feel at home.

Peng Jiao Jiao,

Studying in Derzhavin Tambov State University is a wonderful experience in my lifetime. Here I receive the education that influentially enhances my range of professional skills, which builds a solid base for future career. I discovered new perspectives of student status, life, and my potential abilities, and also got the chance to attend many activities with students from different countries that improves communication, cooperation skills, helps me achieving better understanding of responsibility and culture diversity, offers me support, confidence and inspiration. I am grateful that I can have this life journey with Derzhavin TSU, the memories will stay in me forever.

Pevekar Chinmay Krishna,

Derzhavin Tambov State University has played a significant role in shaping the experience of education, especially for a foreign students like me! Everything from the classes and the practicals have their unique touch of knowledge and advancements and yet being so easy to understand! Apart from that, the University hold number of events regardless of where you're from! We celebrate all the major festivals and make sure you're felt at home! Various opportunities and positive competitions, indeed serves a big factor for shaping one's personality, especially a future doctors. I'm blessed to be in such an extravagant University!

Negumbo Rachel Sheehamandje,

So far my time in Tambov has been fruitful not only in academics but socially as well. Although challenges present themselves now and then, Derzhavin Tambov State University makes changes to help accommodate international students better. It's motivating and encouraging to look forward to the future. The schedule also allowed me enough time for to join some extra curricula activities like the volunteer club, which help me meet a lot of people from other places, travel and to cope with my studies better.

Shehata Mena Victor Tawfik,

Tambov is a very quiet and peaceful city and I really like it, Derzhavin Tambov State University always provide us with all we need, helps us when we have problems, gives us the time to do all our activities and supports us! I like drawing and from my achievements that I became president of art club in the university and I got a lot of certificates I really like the university because it supports me, we are like a big family.

Safaia Hussam,

On behalf of the residents, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the management, administration and the entire faculty of Derzhavin Tambov State University. Thank you for always believing in us, passing on knowledge and helping us to develop. Thank you for your patience, inexhaustible enthusiasm and wisdom. Under your guidance, we go through all the difficulties to get a great start and further achievements. We sincerely thank you for your warmth and concern. Being an intern in Derzhavin Tambov State University is honorable and rather difficult. But we easily overcome all difficulties thanks to your diligence and professional skills. We want to thank you for everything that we have already gained during our student days and are gaining at the present time. Each of us received not just a doctor's diploma - we received a certificate that he has already achieved something in this life and will definitely achieve it. We do not promise that we will meet all your expectations, but we will do everything possible so that you will not be ashamed of us!

Tchimboto Valdez Moreira Viye,

In addition to studying I am a football player for the university football club Derzhava. I started playing football in Angola at the age of 8, when I arrived in Tambov in the first year I started playing for the football club. At first it was very difficult because of the language and the adaptation in the team, the more time passed and things became easier. I am already in a better position in the team. I have helped in the team's victories and in the trophy conquests. Since I started playing for Derzhava football club I have grown a lot in all areas of my life. Today I can see life differently. I had to learn to organize my time because of training, trips to games and time for classes. I like studying at Derzhavin Tambov State University because I had the opportunity to continue playing football at a very high level and prepare my future professional as a doctor.

Bouakkaz Mohammed,

I want to tell you a little bit about my experience here in Tambov and with Derzhavin Tambov State University during these 6 years. I came here in 2015 without knowing anything about Russia or Russian language but it was very easy and simple to learn it with our teacher in TSU. And the adaptation with the state was very easy too where every student will simply find himself in easier way. As a medical student you have a lot of choices to improve your skills with doing and participating in different activities and master classes: you can do surgery, clinical training, and it’s always depending on you and your motivation to be always successful. I was such a very motivated student when I came here and I used this motivation to enrich my medical training and I finally was able to succeed in all my exams with 5/5 and being the international student of 2020 in Tambov region. Success will always depending on your works and your efforts, I always wanted to be a doctor from my childhood. It was my dream and Derzhavin TSU gives me this opportunity.